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Consultation Services in Kerry

Hosted by Claire Quinlan - PDTI

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Claire offers 1-2-1 training and behaviour support in Kerry.


For training and behaviour consultancy, we come to you as it's always best to assess the dog in their own home environment. Whilst training methods are consistently the same technique, how we approach training is dependent on the individual, their motivations, preferences and previous learning experiences.

Consultation is approximately 2 hours in length but we don't like to put a time limit on this, we're happy provided you're happy to have received all the information you require to set up for training success. We'll discuss your dogs history, current training requirements and do some demonstrative training work to teach the human end of the leash how it's done. 


Then, we will create an individual training and behaviour eBook guide to support you through this journey with all you need to know and offer ongoing virtual and phone support as required.

Please email for further information and see facebook@snoutandaboutkerry for more!

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