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A thorough approach to investigating the root cause of behaviour

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How Does Consultancy work?

Behaviour Consultation is an opportunity for the consultant to gather information and ask questions so we can clearly identify and diagnose the root cause of the behaviour. We will provide you with the appropriate training and environmental management advice to help you with your training and/or behavioural changes.

In-home consultations take approximately 2 hours. We will provide a personalised behaviour program and training manual in the form of a PDF E-Book and email this to you within 72 hours from your consultation date.

The consultant will assess the dog behaviourally (where appropriate to do so) and investigate the potential for physical attribution to the behaviour in question. We may request that a full clinical check up is completed and in some instances, refer our clients to Orlaith O’Mahony for underlying or acute pain diagnosis. In addition, we may make further recommendations for Physio or Hydrotherapy at the Canine Clinic Cork. With your permission, we may ask for clinical records from your vet.

If the behaviour involves human directed aggression or an acute fear response, we may request a virtual consultation prior to meeting the dog so information can be gathered whilst not putting the dog in a triggering or stressful situation. In some instances, we may need to arrange several meetings in order for your dog to be comfortable enough to work with the consultant or trainer.

We advise a secondary consultation after 4 weeks, however this is optional and ask that the client contact us should they choose to schedule in for a follow up.

Please note, for consultations that require travel between 40 and 70km in distance from Crosshaven in Cork will be subject to an additional €30  to cover time and fuel expenses. 70km to 100km travel time will require an additional €60. For consultations further afield, please get in touch to discuss arrangements.

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