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Understanding & addressing the root cause of behaviour

Behaviour Consultancy: Services

What exactly is behaviour consultancy and how do we address your pooches problems?

Behaviour is what we see, it's what the dog presents to us (growling or lunging at people for example). Behaviour is a symptom and we work to establish causation and begin our work here. This is what you're describing to us when you fill in your application.


The behaviour you're seeing is symptomatic of a feeling or an emotional state and to establish this, we need to do some investigatory work and a thorough assessment of your individual dog. Is the lunging and growling symptomatic of fear or frustration, pain or previous learning? This is established during the consultation process.


Behind this "feeling" or emotional state there is a need. What does your dog need in order to prevent them from "feeling" this way. Do they need to avoid exposure to triggers and establish some coping mechanisms? Do we need to build resilience or provide outlets? Do we need to address pain and discomfort?

This forms the basis of your personalised behaviour modification program. The training piece stems from here as we start to introduce new learning to help shape or condition a new emotional response to modify the end behaviour into something different.

How does dog behaviour consultancy work?

IMPORTANT - please read

The dog training and behaviour industry isn't regulated. A recent survey showed that 66% of our clients had sought the advice of 3 or more "trainers" prior to meeting us and spending in excess of €565 on unqualified advice and often, aversive and punishing training methods that have been damaging to the dog. 

Don't get stung by rogue trainers. 

IAABC Certified behaviour professionals or animal trainers in your area can be found here 

Behaviour Consultation is an opportunity for the dog behaviour specialist to gather information and ask questions so we can clearly identify and diagnose the root cause of the behaviour. We will provide you with the appropriate training and environmental management advice to help you with your training and/or behavioural changes.

In-home consultations take approximately 2 hours. We will provide a personalised dog behaviour training program and manual in the form of a PDF E-Book and email this to you within 72 hours from your consultation date.

The consultant will assess the dog behaviourally and investigate the potential for physical attribution to the behaviour in question. We may request that a full clinical check up is completed and in some instances, refer our clients to Orlaith O’Mahony for underlying or acute pain diagnosis. In addition, we may make further recommendations for Physio or Hydrotherapy at the Canine Clinic Cork. With your permission, we may ask for clinical records from your vet.

If the behaviour involves human directed aggression or an acute fear response, we may request a virtual consultation prior to meeting the dog so information can be gathered whilst not putting the dog in a triggering or stressful situation. In some instances, we may need to arrange several meetings in order for your dog to be comfortable enough to work with the consultant or trainer.

We advise a secondary consultation after 4 weeks, however this is optional and ask that the client contact us should they choose to schedule in for a follow up.

Our dog behaviour training programs are designed to give you all the know how you need for the best success possible and we’ll support you every step of the way.


1-2-1 Consultation with certified Behaviour Consultant & Trainer including program 

€275 (inc VAT)

Coaching sessions (after consultation if required)

€70 (inc VAT) 1 hour or where appropriate, we will transfer your case to our training coach for follow up support at €55 per hour

An invoice will be issued with your payment so need to worry about paying on the day and payment options can be discussed to insure you get the support you need without financial implications. 


Please note, for consultations that require travel between 40 and 70km in

distance from Crosshaven in Cork will be subject to an additional €30  to

cover time and fuel expenses. 70km to 100km travel time will require an

additional €60. For consultations further afield, please get in touch to

discuss arrangements.

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