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Friends of Snout

Team work makes the dream work and we're delighted to have found our dream team of experts who offer only the highest standard of care.


Orlaith O'Mahony

MVB MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

We are delighted to work alongside Orlaith O'Mahony from the Animal Care Hospital Douglas. In many instances, behavioural concerns are the result of underlying medical attribution.


Orlaith specialises in chronic pain diagnosis and behaviour medication. Orlaith has also trained in Western Veterinary Acupuncture and is delighted to offer pet acupuncture at the Animal Care Hospital.


In October 2018 she has completed her fear free certification, they were the first veterinary hospital in Ireland to have a fear free certified veterinarian.


Together, we can provide a thorough investigation into your dog both physically and behaviourally to provide the most accurate diagnosis and aftercare possible.


To arrange an appointment with Orlaith, contact (021) 489 3033 or visit their website

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Claire O'Donnell

The Canine Clinic

Hydrotherapy is a powerful aid in rehabilitation.

Snout and About are delighted to work alongside Claire Byrne and professional therapists at the Canine Clinic.


Hydrotherapy is hugely beneficial for many of our clients. For older dogs or for a  variety of conditions including orthopaedic, neurological, and soft tissue injuries.  Their services include physiotherapy, water based physiotherapy with underwater massager, acupuncture, home exercise plans and environmental adaptations.


Claire holds additional qualifications in canine behaviour and adapts her services to meet the individual needs of the dog. Their bespoke pool is built to make your dog's hydrotherapy session enjoyable and therapeutic.


Designed with easy access and an extended platform inside the pool to help our golden oldies or our first timers who may be a little scared to take the plunge.
It is also heated to a toasty 32 degrees to aid your dog's treatment.  Visit their website here

AniEd Ireland

Animal Education Ireland

AniEd Ireland, launched in 2012, provides quality educational courses in animal care, training and behaviour.

As specialists in teaching both humans and animals they offer education for pets, pet owners and professionals.

Anied have provided what we deem to be the best, free educational resource in canine enrichment out there 100 Days of Enrichment

What does AniEd do?

AniEd is an educational company, first and foremost, because they believe that education is the key to improving animal welfare. 

Anied provide an extensive range of courses for pet owners and professionals alike and we reference much of their work through our own.

You can follow Anied via all the usual social media links and read more about their incredible work here 

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K9 Connectables

Affiliate Partners

Snout and About are proud to be members of the K9 Connectables Affiliate program.

K9 Connectables are an Irish owned company who design and develop toys to enhance your dogs daily enrichment.


As advocates for the importance of enrichment, we have been using K9 Connectables products for many years and are delighted to offer our clients 10% of their products using the code Snoutandaboutcork10.


We too receive a small percentage from your purchase in turn for promoting their product. If you would like to purchase from their range visit their website and use the discount code Snoutandaboutcork10


Advocating for change

We're committed to environmental sustainability and making the right choices to protect the future of this beautiful planet. We want to be able to stand back and say we did our bit to be part of a positive shift towards a healthy, thriving natural world.

Our dogs can be a part of this change too!!!

With great interest, we've been following developments in canine nutrition across the globe that have replaced the usual meat derived proteins with proteins derived from a very different source.

At this stage, we all understand the enormous impact the meat industry has on climate change and we're keen to investigate how our shopping habits affect this. Biodegradable poo bags, bamboo toys, hemp rope raggers, insect based nutrition?


The livestock industry continues to grow at a rate that is deemed unsustainable. Alternative protein sources that can be produced on a viable and sustainable commercial scale.


Insects are capable of providing much of the nutrition humanity needs at a lower financial and environmental cost. The greatest struggle, however, will be changing Western perceptions toward insects as food.


Our perception however, is that if it's good for our dogs and it's good for the environment, then we're keen to give it a go.


OMUU is a science based nutrition brand from Ireland. They embrace sustainable change and superior nutrition based on the facts and not the fads! Created by veterinarian Dr. Frank Clarke MVB, OMUU is an insect based complete feed for adult dogs. Snout and About advocate for sustainable solutions to protect the planet whilst not compromising on superior nutrition for our dogs.


We are proud to support and recommend OMUU  and warmly welcome this new initiative to Ireland.

To read more about OMUU visit

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