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The Puppy Edit

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If you have or are thinking of bringing a puppy into your home, let’s get you off to the best start possible with our crash course in everything puppy to set you up for the best success possible.


Our 1-2-1 puppy consultations are designed as a crash course for you and your family to learn all about the wonderful world of dogs and put a plan in place to ensure we’re bringing puppy up the right way.


Every puppy is unique and every family is unique. Our 1-2-1’s means that you and your puppy get undivided attention and individual assessment.


 It’s important we talk about nurturing healthy relationships between puppy and other dogs and ensuring we tick all the socialisation boxes so your puppy grows to be confident and able to cope in a variety of environments and circumstances.


Socialisation is a little misconstrued in the doggy world. Rather than it meaning “teaching a dog to be social with other dogs”, it actually refers to the dog learning about what is and isn’t safe in the world around them and what they find motivating and reinforcing.  In the dog world, socialisation refers to the early developmental period so we've just a few weeks to ensure we're working with puppy at the right time (in and around 3 -17 weeks of age).


Rather than exposing your puppy to lots of other puppies in a group environment, it’s far more preferable for a puppy to learn from a confident adult dog. It’s a little bit like the blind leading the blind when bunches of pups get together and we’ll show you how to navigate your own local environment to aid your puppies socialisation. We do however recommend that you also find a great group puppy class that focuses on learning new behaviours, rather than encouraging lots of crazy puppy play and we can send you on recommendations from suitably qualified trainers in your area to help with this.


We’ll focus on healthy interactions with children and other people, puppy basics such as toilet training and mouthing, how to prepare your pooch for trips to the vets and groomers and how we use games and fun to teach puppy everything about healthy boundaries, relaxation, travel, enrichment, body language and so much more, including what to expect when puppy hits the teenage phase. We’ll explore the wonderful world of doggy behaviour and create a personalised puppy training based on your families needs and routines.


Our puppy crash course class is priced at €245 and there is no time limit on this. We offer ongoing phone and web support should you need us and are more than happy for the whole family to be involved in this exciting dive into everything dog.

Please note, for consultations that require travel between 40 and 70km in distance from Crosshaven in Cork will be subject to an additional €30  to cover time and fuel expenses. 70km to 100km travel time will require an additional €60. For consultations further afield, please get in touch to discuss arrangements.

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