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Avail of a dog behaviour training consultation to get you on the right track and guide you

Our positive dog training virtual consultation service is suitable for those looking for advice. From getting a dog, to troubleshooting training or behaviour challenges.


An assessment of your dog can not be done virtually but in many instances, receiving the right advice  might be all you need!


Virtual consultations are approximately an hour long and can help set you and your family up for training success!  You will also be provided with a bespoke training program to help you implement your new schedule.


Our dog behaviour training programs are designed to give you all the know how you need for the best success possible and we’ll support you every step of the way.


It can be done! Our clients have enjoyed enormous success working through their programs from virtual support, including reactivity, stereotypic and maladaptive behaviours! 

For a virtual consultation, the process is 1-2 hours in length and we will issue your behaviour program within 48 hours. This service is proceed at  €140


When working with people directed aggression, we may request a virtual ahead of your in home consultation.

This price is included in your full behaviour consultation invoice and at no additional charge.

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