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Why choose Snout & About for you and your pooch

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First and foremost, we love PEOPLE!


Whilst we’ve a passion for pooches, our work is all about supporting you. People matter and we provide an understanding, non judgemental and inspiring service to help create harmony and happiness in your home. We work closely with a team of industry experts who provide veterinary, physical and nutritional support to ensure your pooch gets the very best in expert care. 


We are proudly different with extensive experience & education in the field of Canine Training & Behaviour. We advocate for regulation of the dog training industry so the pooch parents of Ireland can be sure the advice they receive comes from a reliable source. 

Snout and About  have an extensive background in dog behaviour training having worked for Europe's largest Dog welfare Charity Dogs Trust as dog behaviourists and training advisors and operational management. 

In addition, we are members  of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants and Catherine has received her title as a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant with this prestigious organisation. There are only 4 of us in Ireland and Catherine’s case studies have been shared within the organisation at an international level as a learning aid for behaviour consultants the world over.

We undergo continuous personal development, achieving a  minimum of 36 modules of further learning over a three year period. Behaviour is a science after all and things change, develop and only get better. We want to ensure you get the very best and most up to date advice possible.

Our infamous, bespoke training manuals are designed just for you and are jam packed with all you need to know to get to where you need to be!  A mixture of text, infographics and training guides, they’re designed to help you learn in the way that best suits you.

The vast majority of our clients are able to work through their programs after one visit in conjunction with our free follow up phone and email support. People learn differently though, so we also provide follow up dog behaviour training slots to help get you to where you need to be.

We build communities of dog lovers who can work together to support one another in their journeys and in addition to this, we support other trainers with their more complex behaviour cases. We believe in networking and support for other professionals in the industry and are proud to promote the work of other certified and ethical trainers.

Proudly impacting standards of animal care in Ireland.

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